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"Bird" contemporary mosaic art by Joe Moorman at Riverson Fine Art 

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bird mosaic

"Bird" contemporary mosaic art. ceramic, porcelain and grout on wood. 24 in x 24 in

"Bird" Fine Art Mosaic

This is my first mosaic.  It was made with a screw driver and a hammer using pieces of broken plates from a thrift store and ordinary ceramic tile.  I hand chiseled each piece into shape.  Even though I had recently spent five years working in research and development, I made absolutely no effort to look up basic information as to how to make a mosaic.  In retrospect, I did everything the hard way.  I didn't even take the time to buy a $10 tile nipper, which would have made the job infinitely easier.  I guess I couldn't tolerate any delays or distractions from working on the art itself, not after waiting so many years to do so.  In many ways, it was as if this mosaic exploded into existence by shear will alone.



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